MEDIA's Bestiary for Beginners!

So, you slipped into the Veils of Liminality. You take a moment to soak in the reality of what just happened, before you begin to notice noises from the woods. These noises are most likely monsters! And, boy, there's a lot of em.

This Beginner's Bestiary provides basic descriptions of some monsters commonly seen within the Veils of Liminality. This list is not the end-all be-all descriptions of monsters. There are often different variations of monsters, and there are some monsters that aren't listed.

Let's begin, shall we?


The Moon

The Moon is abnormally tall, with reports ranging from six to nine feet. Coming along with that is the description of being very thin, or stretching its arms and legs in such a way that makes it impossible for it to simply be a prankster in a suit. Some even admit having seen the body proportions change right before their eyes, though this type of account is extraordinarily rare. There are also tentacles or tendrils associated with the appearance of the The Moon, which also vary from being very small to long enough to support the being's body.

It often wears a black suit which fits its slender limbs, and a white shirt underneath, with a few stories varying the appearance from having scarves or even hats. It is unknown if the creature's appearance is based on the time period, the fashion of human beings, or simply personal choice. One thing that does change is the color or make of its tie; switching from simple black and red to more complex patterns.

The face of the creature also has been the subject of contradictory accounts. It has been seen as pale, skin colored, white, or even the texture of wood. The face also carries little to no facial features, either having a smooth head or vague eye sockets and a nose. The head itself can also be smooth or more humanoid depending on the stories.

The Moon is more commonly known as The Slender Man.


The Rake

The Rake crawls with jerky, unnatural movements, maintaining a hunched-over look. There's several cuts and scars on its body, the scar tissue that covers the majority of its looking extremely hard. You can see its bones beneath its skin, and its torso looks as though it's barren of organs.

It is described by original reports as a "large hairless dog of some sort", with a body position that seemed "unnatural, as if it had been hit by a car or something".

The Rake's face looks nearly human. Its eyes are deeply sunken in, no actually visible eyeball, just dark. Its mouth, the gums are completely exposed, no skin for the lips, it's all just gums. The teeth are sharp, serrated, and long. Many sets of them as well. It doesn't have a nose, just two holes. Its face and neck are often drenched in blood.

It speaks in a low, distorted voice and often says the names of those soon to die. The Rake seems to be immortal, reports going back as far as 1619, and is capable of brainwashing.

The Rake is typically aggressive to its victims, however, this doesn't mean it lacks intelligence. It seems to be extremely smart, able to communicate with its victims, and is capable of expressing emotion.

Seed Eater


Seed Eaters are large, dark-furred humanoid monsters with large, fluffy manes. Their faces appear to be a birdlike skull covered in rags, stitched together with loose thread. There's maybe three or four of them, and they're large. Maybe 7 or 8 feet tall. The rags on their face can tear open to reveal a mouth full of jagged, serrated teeth with a long tongue.

Seed Eaters are extremely dangerous and reproduce by turning humans into Seed Eaters through some form of "disease".

They typically hunt human children, then devour them to feed off of their youth. This is theorized to be how they are able to live for such long periods of time.

Seed Eaters cunning and tricky, and can often easily manipulate others. They are shown to be extremely intelligent, and know how to psychologically and physically damage their prey to ensure that the prey does not fight when attacked, allowing for a fast and easy meal. They are masters at stealth and stalking, and are only able to be seen when out in the open or if they allows themselves to be. They are also shown to be defensive, as anyone who comes close to discovering how to hurt them or kill them is disposed of before any information can get out.



A corruptelam is a bodiless mind. They are created when monsters leave remnants of a victim. If the corruptelam was a victim
of The Moon in life, or they were marked by him the corruptelam may also be targeted by The Moon.

The most common form of a corruptelam is made of static-like scratches or "lines" in space, which may or may not share features of the living person or people from their memories. A secondary type exists that appears to be a physical copy of the living person but consists solely of the mind.

They typically take the form they died in, however they can take whatever form they please.

Corrupteli have several unique abilities including shapeshifting, time travel and interacting with technology.

The name Corruptelam is taken from the latin word for distortion, as their forms are often distorted and glitchy.


Alastor Adramalech

All Dromen feed on emotion, which emotion they feed on depends on the Dromen. However, when the Dromen is feeding, they emit a sickness to the people in their general vicinity. This sickness, Dromen Disease, can vary based on the Dromen.

Some examples include:

Dromen Disease can also be contracted through blood contact with a Dromen. Dromen blood is a black substance with the same consistency as human blood. It tastes like oil, and will have the effect of drinking strong alcohol if ingested.

To become a Dromen, a human (or human-like entity) must have a Dromen physically touch their soul. However, Dromen will take in humans to work under them. This phenomenon is called “Nemuru” and works similarly to proxies. The process of becoming a Nemuru is often through parasitic means, but it ultimately depends on the Dromen. Dromen cannot be Nemuru for other Dromen.

The image on the right depicts Alastor Adramalech, an Ascended Dromen.



Old Description:

Hadals are beings capable of reality bending abilities called altering. They have no control over their abilities until they lose control of themselves. They often are more unpredictable and have a limit that when pushed past it they lose all control.

Their favorite color causes a more calming effect and their divulgaric color causes them to become more irritated, but neither have as much of an effect as they did on divulgars.

When given a full blood transfusion with hadal blood the body will begin reproducing hadal blood and they will become a full blooded hadal. This however leaves a 50% chance survival rate as hadal blood is difficult for the body to learn to process.

The image on the right depicts Jack Moore, a Pyrite's Hadal.

New Description:

Entities with hadal blood have a limited capability of warping reality. There is a possibility of failing the warp, resulting in random and undesired changes. Hadal blood differs from each hadal, but all hadal blood causes heavy sensory hallucinations on consumption when broken down.

Turning less than half of an entity's blood hadal would cause hadal blood consumption symptoms while the normal blood is breaking down the hadal blood. Turning over half of a entity's blood hadal would turn the remaining blood into hadal blood, as well as cause consumption symptoms.

Divulgars seem to be similar to Hadals, however information on them is scarce.

For all known research on Divulgars and Hadals, go read: Divulgar Research by Julian Moore


Nonferals are walking, talking animals with the minds of humans. They're civilized and able to use modern technology. They typically only exist in the Nonferal world, however there are a few in Veil 1 and one in Metamorphosis Hell.

There's no image because if you're assuming what they look like then you're probably right. It's literally so self-explanatory.

Raine Evans


This entirely depends on your definition of "ghosts". A ghost is typically described the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living. Descriptions of ghosts vary widely from an invisible presence to translucent or barely visible wispy shapes, to realistic, lifelike forms. The deliberate attempt to contact the spirit of a deceased person is known as necromancy, or in spiritism as a séance.

Now, we're here to talk about the ghosts that actually mean something, not the invisible wisps of folklore.

There are only two ghosts currently known of in the Veils: Raine Evans and Amos Sayword.

Amos Sayword and Raine Evans are vastly different in how they operate. Raine appears to have a semi-physical form made up of Heavenfire and Impurity, while Amos does not. Amos inhabits the body of his brother, Alder Sayword, while Raine can sustain his own form. These are the only two ghosts currently known of in the Veils of Liminality, so information is limited.



Hounds appear very similar to The Rake, aside from few differences such as some having hair or more human-like features. They're called Hounds due to the fact that they act very similarly to dogs, feeding on whatever they can find.

Their facial features and bodies are often deformed, though they're still able to operate normally.

Hounds become hostile the moment they see a human. However, they will be intimidated and momentarily stalled when you stare them down. If you hear a Hound's growling, it is best to stay out of sight and get out of the way for a while.

Humans can be turned into Hounds if bitten. It causes a disease similar to the one used by Seed Eaters to reproduce and turn others into Hounds.

Hounds are often regarded as a subspecies of The Rake, though this is not true. They are different entities entirely with completely different biology and anatomy.


A God or Goddess is a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity. They are typically considered the rulers of their Veils and are often worshiped by those residing in the Veils, though most of them having smaller or less known of followings.


Vampires are humans or human-adjacent entities that primarily feed on blood. Typically it's caused by some sort of disease that ends up elongating and sharpening some of the teeth on the afflicted person, making it easier for them to break skin and draw blood.


Revenants are entities, typically working under The Moon, that latch onto a human host to share a body with them. When the Revenant takes control of the body, the person's form will change to accommodate the Revenant. The transformation is often gruesome, bloody, and painful. Bones will most likely be broken and muscle will be shredded to the point of no return, however when they revert, the Revenant will keep the host alive.


A shadow person is a living, humanoid figure made of shadows, and is typically a signal of the presence of a spirit or other entity. Their intentions are often vague, and they never communicate with their victims.


The Hat Man is a shadow person, typically seen wearing a top hat and trench coat. His appearances are often accompanied by feelings of fear and dread, though a lot of the encounters don't end up in any harm coming to the witness.


Peripherals are tall, lanky creatures, often having long hair on their heads and bright white eyes. They typically don't harm anyone, often staying at a safe distance and poking their heads around a wall so that they can watch people. Their full bodies have never been seen, only their heads and sometimes their arms. Their names come from the fact that they're typically only seen in one's peripheral vision.


Hallowed are humans that have been completely hollowed out by an entity, turned into what is essentially a bloodthirsty husk of a human. There is no human mind left, just a hunger for flesh.


A phenomena typically used by Sisyphean Violence Demons and a specific Dromen. It often takes the form of a red, pulsating mass of flesh. It's a coinflip as to what happens, a 50/50 chance. You either see it as the funniest thing in the world, or you die immediately upon seeing it. However, there are stronger variants that will keep you alive as you're forced to stare at it and take it in.



There are many kinds of Not-Deer. The most common, though, appears as a deer with front-facing eyes and a canid snout. They can shift into a thin, emaciated form, typically taken when standing on their hind legs. The face and mouth resembles a wolf's more than a deers, and its eyes appear human-like.

The teeth are sharp, and parts of the body will appear like the fur and skin were scraped off. There's often deep gashes in the Not-Deer's sides, sharp bones sticking out of them. The hooves on its front legs will separate and form into long, sharp claws. This form often moves in strange, jerky ways that look unnatural, as though it's being puppetted by something.

The image shown on the right is an instance of a Divulgar. Due to it not being a deer and looking like one, it is classified as a Not-Deer.


Nightcrawlers are typically a relatively short creature (approx. 4 feet in height). They are extremely thin, white humanoids with no discernible arms or torso. Nightcrawlers appear as two spindly legs with no feet that are attached at the top. They don't seem to have any intention to harm anyone, and make small whistles and buzzes to communicate with one another.


Moth-like humanoids that silently warns of upcoming disasters. Demons of Gluttony from both Sisyphean and Metamorphosis Hell have often been mistaken for them, or they act as them in some rare cases.


A hybrid human-felid species created by Solaire Enterprises. There is only one known LUNA product remaining, Luna Grey, who resides in Veil 1.


Sisyphean Demons are Demons from Sisyphean Hell. Easy enough, right? Nope. There's a ton of subtypes. There's no computer entity to steal definitions from this time 'round, unlike for Metamorphosis.


Limbo Demons typically take the form that they died in, however this form is malleable and can change during their time in Hell. Most of them will never leave the town they enter upon death. They aren't regarded as real demons by other types of demons in Sisyphean Hell.


Type 1 Lust Demons are anthro, cyborg-like creatures. They are often mammal-like in appearance, sporting an upright stature, alongside a short, round visor, that is capable of displaying many emotions. It might possibly have the ability to display two colors at once in a gradient.

They can even look like people, just with the visor over their face and typically bright-colored hair.


Type 2 Lust Demons are humans that have committed the sin of Lust and were sent to the Lust Layer of Sisyphean Hell. They will have their body parts surgically and painfully removed and replaced with robotic parts. The most common of these surgeries gives this species the name 'Object Heads', as their heads are replaced with TVs, radios, sirens, etc,


Sisyphean Greed Demons are thought to be extinct due to the genocide and subsequent colonization of the Greed Layer, and the renovation of it into the Second Lust Layer. Because of course that's needed.

Greed Demons now live underground, below Lust, in areas that the Lust Demons don't know of.

Greed Demons are typically human-like entities with either deer or raven features, and sometimes both. Deer features include spotted skin, brown hair with white spots, a slight deer-like nose, and antlers regardless of gender. Raven features are typically straight, dark hair, feathered wings, and talons.


Type 1 Gluttony Demons are typically human-like entities with bug-like features, such as large, beady eyes, wings, and antennae. They're able to consume large amounts of matter within seconds, though are often timid and like to stick to themselves.


Type 2 Gluttony Demons are typically human-like entities with pale grey or light-brown, smooth skin. Their 'hair' is also made of their skin, and often have large, umbrella-like extremities on the top of their heads, resembling and acting like mushroom cap, able to excrete spores. They're typically female, with males being scarce. It's common for them to sit in one spot for a while and absorb all the decay around them. They are immune to Impurity.


Violence Demons are typically human-like entities with pale grey, ashy, or dark skin. They usually have dark red hair, and occasional crystallization on their skin. They have large horns that are either made of or decorated in jewels or gemstones. Violence Demons may have wings, tails, and claws as well. Their teeth are often sharp, and they have glowing red eyes.


Heresy Demons are often times humans with feline features and horns. They have the ability to control fire, as well as time in some cases. Heresy Demons are usually passive, keeping to themselves. Most of them enjoy alternative fashion and urban exploration, which the Heresy Layer provides for them. Despite not being the closest to Sorath's Garden, they are the closest demons linked to Sorath.


Type 1 Treachery Demons appear as human-like entities with owl-like features, feathered hair, large wings that often take the form of a cape, and talons. They also have antlers sometimes. They typically spend their time in prayer or studying the Veils and the worlds beyond them. They're workaholics, always trying to please Lucifer, their Prince.


Type 2 Treachery Demons appear as humans with goat-like eyes and two sets of goat-like horns made of sapphire. They often wear jewelry, almost as much as Violence Demons would. They have more angelic wings, glowing a bright blue, with many small, evenly-placed eyes lining them. They often work as scribes for Lucifer, documenting the events of the Veils, much like myself.


Empyrean Dromen are an extremely rare type of Dromen that is often spoken of by Ascended and Impure Dromen. They appear as angelic humans, beautiful and without imperfection. They are tall and have several sets of white, glowing wings. Empyrean Dromen are extremely intelligent, and are able to express personality and emotion just as Ascended would.

Empyrean Dromen have very few Nemuru, and very intense disease that varies based on the Dromen. They have very large Domains that are inaccessible to humans unless brought there by the Dromen. Empyrean have godlike abilities beyond human comprehension. They are able to take other Dromen as Nemuru.


Metamorphosis Demons are Demons from Metamorphosis Hell. Easy enough, right? Nope. There's also a ton of subtypes, like, sixteen I think. I stole all of these next entries from L1MB0. (Who insisted I keep them in the format he provided. Sorry.)



[DESIGNATION] Lean worms

[AKA] Stupid fucking wiggly googly-eyed bastards (By me, exclusively.)


[DESCRIPTION] So. It's a story. They're living worms-on-a-string that're usually the size of people but can get to be much, MUCH bigger. If you see a 5'6 to 100' long worm off the string that seems soggy and like it's full of some liquid and/or jelly, that's one of these. They can get quite monstrous? Also, if they have wings there's a 50/50 chance of it being impure so. Beware or prepare the best and last high of your life.


[NOTES] I think they're starting to develop sentience. Maybe. Possibly. Just a little.

No mouths, lots of screaming.

If they try to kill you (no reports of this happening yet), just poke them with your house keys or something. You'll be covered in a mixture, but alive. I think.

...Does lean get you high with skin contact? Hell if I know.






[DESCRIPTION] Anthropomorphic snakes. Mostly the same height range as humans, although it extends a bit out to 7' (Not counting Asmodeus, who's weird for being 9'). Usually scaled unnaturally and colorfully. Some Naga-like cases exist, although it's extremely rare. Cobra hoods are also uncommon, but happen a lot more often comparatively. Tails usually prehensile, although how much so varies. Hands and feet (if present) are usually, if not always, heavily clawed.



[NOTES] Mostly seen in Central Paradise.

Avoid looking one in the eyes for too long, hypnosis is a prominent and widespread ability.

Although most snakes have fangs, not all of them have venom. And, even then, most venoms function differently on a person to person basis.

If you're bitten, it's basically completely up to luck if it's nothing, toxic, addictive hallucinogen, or an aphrodisiac.

Their culture is one which manly focuses on idols, pleasure, convenience, and trends. Clubbing is a common practice, and newly formed demons rarely remain clean for long.

Mostly nice folk, though.






[DESCRIPTION] Anthropomorphic rabbits. Mostly the same height range as humans, but it dips down. Never smaller than 4'. Mostly white furred with colorful highlights/markings, but exceptions exist. Most have horns of various shapes and sizes. Tails vary in shape and size. Not much else to say.


[NOTES] Mostly seen in Downtown Paradise.

Hypnosis is very rare compared to how often it occurs in snakes, although it's still entirely possible.

Despite being rabbits, all of them have sharp teeth.

Their culture is mostly the same as the snakes of Lust, although with a heavier focus on idolization. Mostly of Lilith.




[AKA] There are a surprising amount of outdated slurs towards them from Beelzebub's reign. Not listing them. Just know they exist.


[DESCRIPTION] Anthropomorphic bugs. Come in all shapes and sizes. Previously, they were only ever seen with black fluff/exoskeletons and red eyes, but since Thrall took the throne, brighter and more natural colors have been seen. It'd be way too hard to try and describe a species that could literally look like any bug under the sun. Go on and imagine them as people, basically.


[NOTES] Not sure what to say, though. They're kind of going through a resurgence right now, no clue what's the same and what changed.

So, keep an open mind. Don't expect anything specific, just keep your guard up.




[AKA] Pigs, Hogs, And another slew of colorful and distasteful words! Wow! Beelzebub kinda sucked.


[DESCRIPTION] Anthropromorphic boars. A larger, heavyset species. Usually around the taller end of 5' to at maximum 8'. Most are either muscular or fat due to biology which makes them the perfect prey to fatten then eat. Beelzebub REALLY sucked.

They have more natural tones of fur, browns and blacks and the like. Most have large tusks, some even grow horns. Despite being plantigrade, their hands and feet are usually tipped with claw-like hooves. Surprisingly dexterous.


[NOTES] Unlike their bug bretheren, they haven't changed much during Thrall's reign. Just a lot more free.

Extremely good with manual labor, to the point that Lust has been hiring groups of them for construction aid since the railroad between layers reopened.

There are a lot more boars than bugs in Gluttony.

Their culture has developed to revolve around food and drink innovation. Lots of restaurants, bakeries, and farmer's markets.




[AKA] Greedy bastards, money whores, scaled fucks, etc. Lots like that.


[DESCRIPTION] Colorfully scaled anthropromorphic dragons. Don't know what else to say! Most have horns, not all of them have wings. Depending on who you're talking to, they could fit the description of either a generic "western" or "eastern" dragon. You know the terms.


[NOTES] Dragons were basically extinct until a certain group of apocalypse survivors fixed something in the depths of Greed. Now, they're finally coming back around. Not sure why they weren't being created, but at least there's a balance now! They seem closer to "Kobolds" than dragons now, though... Weird. Metamorphosis is weird. Don't ask me how these things work.




[AKA] Ravens, Birds


[DESCRIPTION] Anthropromorphic crows. Usually on the shorter end of the average human height range, but can get shorter. And can be taller. Always have black feathers and beaks. Most have dexterous wings for arms, others just have normal more humanoid arms. Usually covered in the same materials as their legs and tipped with talons, if so.


[NOTES] Not much to say. Seem to know their way around Greed a bit too well for what's supposed to be an ever-changing labyrinth.




[AKA] Moose (by Ociela, who is wrong, and a clown, and shouldn't be trusted on such matters.)


[DESCRIPTION] Anthropromorphic deers. Not much to say. Can have fur patterns for any kind of deer, but most often take after white tailed deers. No matter the gender, they can have antlers. Always have unguligrade, hooved legs. If their hands have hooves, on the other hand, is up for debate (aka on a case-by-case basis) Rarely, they can have slit, serpent-like pupils.


[NOTES] Their antlers are usually wrapped in vines and blooming with flowers, which are the kinds that they can control.

Not much else to say. Envy disappeared for a while, only returned a few months ago.

Culture is a bit focused on simple pleasures and enjoying your life comfortably. Not much of an economy. Just kind of... living life.

Most are good in a fight, though. Don't wanna get your face kicked in.



[DESIGNATION] Sea Serpents


[LAYER] Envy



[NOTES] Everybody give a round of applause to A.C.K for killing the last of a rare species of demon! Woohoo! Yippee!




[AKA] Dogs, Pups, Feral bastards, Skullheads, Boneheads, etc.


[DESCRIPTION] Anthropromorphic wolves with wolf skulls for a face. Very tall and very big. At the smallest, they're around 5'4. At the tallest? Can reach 100' and bigger. Although Goliath is skewing that statistic heavily. Most are very muscular, or at least very well-built and athletic. Normally, they have darker tones of fur like black and grey, although whites and browns are also possible. Some wolves choose to paint their skulls and horns with tattoos or brighter, flashier colors. Digitigrade legs with pawed hands and obviously feet. Fluffy wolf tails are a near guarantee. Mutations for multiple ears, tails, eyes, and arms are all possibile albeit rare and are usually only seen in the stronger, more culturally prominent demons. They don't have eyes, instead they have a colorfully glowing "pupil" in their empty eyesockets, which acts as if the eye is there.


[NOTES] Probably the most well-developed and well-settled demons. Their cultures and "ruling" class of demons haven't changed much, if at all, for centuries.

It could be said that the wolves are split into 4 "packs" of demons.

Goliath's gladiators, who spend their life spectating, participating, and worshipping the blood sports run by Goliath.

The "frat boys," carefree wolves who live in groups in houses, ran by 24 different wolves, who all worship and work under a certain extremely powerful and inconsistently present wrath demon.

A group of more formal, classical wolves who live with or around Satan and enjoy life sparring and fighting amongst themselves, along with feasts and other celebrations.

And the loners. Which don't really fit in any of groups.

All wolves can heal via consumption or bathing in blood. It seeps through their skin, not leaving a mess, and restores their wounds.

Do NOT break their bones. Ever. You'll thank me later.



[DESIGNATION] Crocodiles

[AKA] Capitalist whore


[DESCRIPTION] Mostly extinct. Not really sure if any are alive aside from 1.


[NOTES] Used to live separate from wolves in the tar swamps of Wrath. They slowly and surely died out for whatever reason, leaving behind a certain major demon as the main representative of the species. Due to said member, they've gotten an unshakeable association with tar, bones, and capitalistic greed.

Not sure what else to say.




[AKA] Felines, Snoozers, Meow meows


[DESCRIPTION] Anthropromorphic cats. Can be any size or shape. Lynx, tiger, snow leopard, lions, whatever you want. You can probably find one. Their eyes glow. Average human height range and similar average bodytype. Of course, can vary on a case-by-case basis.


[NOTES] I mean, what is there to say? Sloth demons are kind of just... people. Nothing really special about them. They're just living their best life.

Their culture revolves 100% around an overwhelming sense of comfort, community, and convenience. The Gang which makes up the main "governing" body of Sloth aims to make it so everybody has a person they can look to for help. It's... Nice.

Sloth is nice.

If I wasn't me, I'd want to live in Sloth.

This is too personal, just like squirt them with a spray gun if they try to attack you, I guess. That'll solve the issue.




[AKA] Flying fuckwits (by Apollyon, once, but it was funny so I chose to include it.)


[DESCRIPTION] Anthropromorphic bats. Average human height range and bodytypes. Not much else to say, not too special.






[AKA] Goats, Sheeps, Candleholders, Glorified candelabras


[DESCRIPTION] Anthropromorphic goats. A relatively normal height range, but can go to an upward of 40', sometimes even larger. Same with bodytypes. Average, but can get quite muscular. Multiple ears, eyes, horns, and arms are all mutations which can occur relatively commonly. Usually have black fur, although minor variations in color can happen. Always, and I mean ALWAYS have a candle or flame atop their head. Can be any color on the RGB color spectrum.


[NOTES] They're weird. Live in color-coded towns owned by one of the 2 overseers (or technically Azazel, I guess?)

Can grow to be extremely obsessed with their candle or flame, to the point they grow ravenous and kill others to absorb their flame and grow stronger. And when I mean grow stronger, I mean they can physically grow and get stronger. Which can get slightly disastrous and create monsters! Which hasn't happened in a while. Yet. For now.

RIP Lucifer lol (they're not dead I'm just being a shithead)



[DESIGNATION] The Overseers

[AKA] Owls, Flaming fucks


[DESCRIPTION] Anthropromorphic owls. Considering there are currently only 2 out of the 3 ever created, I don't know if I can really describe them. Just know they're anthropromorphic owls and usually carry lighters with colorcoded flames.


[NOTES] Lucifer made them to help with the whole "Baphoma's gift" situation, to control the flames and all that. Try and make sure everybody is being responsible.

That lasted like 3 years, probably. Lmao.

Carnelian and Sapphire are pretty nice, though. For what they are and everything they've done.

If you think you've seen an group of owls flying in the sky of Pride, those aren't the overseers. Those are essentially wax golems given life to provide surveillance and make it so the Overseers themselves don't have to babysit everything 24/7.




[AKA] Archangels, "The Holy Ones" (whoever says this is having a laugh), Saviors

[LAYER] �̴̂͋�̷̓̉�̵̅͝�̷͋̈́�̵̊͝�̵͆̔�̸̋̓�̷̆͊�̷̔̕�̷̒̀�̶̛͠�̴̅́�̵͛̔�̴̐́�̷͐̃�̶̌͌, Mt. Purgatory

Huh. Wow. It's still doing that fucky text thing? That sucks. Anyway.

[DESCRIPTION] Mostly human beings with bird wings. That's the most basic description I can give, everything else is entirely dependent on what one we're talking about.


[NOTES] Nah. Considering who I know is gonna see this? No. Keep your innocence. You'll never meet one of mine anyway. Don't bother praying, is all I'll say.


The Playwright usually appears as a tall being wearing a suit and covered in shadow. It has the twin masks of Comedy and Tragedy for a head, however, their form is subject to change, even if not seen often. Their presence carries the intense feeling of being watched by thousands of eyes and their voice is a cacophony of many, yet despite all logic, you can understand what they say.


The Sorath is described as "the ‘Sun-demon of Revelation‘, a great evil power sorta speak, far mightier than Lucifer". However, it us unknown how true this is. It appears as a tall figure with four arms, each with a different sleeve. Its shirt is a turtleneck sweater, and it's wearing overalls with a skirt. The skirt has several patches and charms hanging off of it. For a head, it has a sunflower with a pattern on it. It has two horns with rings around them, the rings are covered in eyes. It has two large, angelic wings with the Sorath sigil and several eyes on them.

Proxies of, or people working under, the Sorath include: Claire Morgan, Melody Tanner, Mary Asphodel, and Mary Ouellette.

There are no current images of the Sorath.


MEDIA appears as a man in a suit whose body's form often distorts and changes, only being held together by the suit and the television he wears on their head. Their body often takes a gaseous, though slightly solid form. Inhaling this gas will cause typical Slendersickness symptoms.

MEDIA acts almost like a news reporter for those observing from beyond the Veils, as he exists both within and outside of them.